The Welsh name 'Rhyd Hir' translates to 'Long Ford' which used to run across the lane the house is close to. Around 20 years ago, the local farmer and his son re-routed the stream that flows through the garden, and piped it under the lane.

HillThe original house was built in the 1600s, and was a traditional Welsh longhouse. One half of the house was open to the roof beams and was just one family room. The other half of the house was used as a cowshed on the lower floor, with one bedroom directly above. Thankfully, the cows no longer inhabit the house.

It is rumoured that King Charles the First (1600-1649) stayed one night in Rhyd Hir during his flight from Oliver Cromwell's Roundhead soldiers. We are trying to find out if this information is correct. What we know is that this part of Wales was a royalist stronghold, so it is possible.

Around 1989, the house was completely rebuilt in the original style, with the addition of a kitchen and bedroom wing. It is set in a peaceful dell, in a one acre eight level garden, with trees, shrubs, flowers, a stream and gentle waterfall. The garden has a number of benches and a picnic table on the patio and at the top for guest use. Rhyd Hir is fully appointed with 2 finely furnished guest bedrooms with en-suite shower rooms, ample parking and just yards from forest walks with views across the Welsh hills and the Shropshire countryside.